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Do you have a new business idea to better attract and accommodate trail users? Enter now for you chance at a $5,000 Cash Prize.

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  1. Each Contestant (and all team members) must read, review and sign the Terms and Conditions form (Download). By signing the form, each Contestant is acknowledging and agreeing to the rules, regulations, terms and conditions of the Contest, including without limitation, that: The Oil Region Alliance of Business, Industry & Tourism ("ORA"), the Contest Administrator, and Judges have the sole right to alter, amend, or supplement at any time and from time to time the rules, regulations, terms and conditions regarding the Contest; all decisions regarding the Contest, including the selection of the Contest winner(s) are in the sole discretion and judgment of the Committee whose decisions in each case are final and not subject to appeal; each Contestant s hall release and hold harmless the Oil Region Alliance, its directors, officers, employees and agents, the Contest, its Administrator, Judges, Participants, and all others associated with or assisting with the Contest (collectively "Released Party") from any and all matters arising out of the Competition; except direct damage to the Contest caused by the willful misconduct of a Released Party. In any case, Released Party's financial liability and financial remedies available to Contestant in connection with the Contest shall be limited to general money damages in a total amount not to exceed any entrance fee paid by Contestant, if any. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES, WHETHER IN CONTRACT, TORT, OR OTHERSWISE , SHALL A RELEASE PARTY BE LIABLE FOR LIQUIDATED, SPECIAL, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, EXEMPLARY, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, EXPENSES, OR COSTS, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, LOST PROFITS, HOWSOEVER CAUSED AND EVEN IF THE POTENTIAL OF SUCH DAMAGES WAS DISCLOSED AND/OR KNOWN.

  2. Each Contestant (and all team members) must include a resume and list of references with their business plan.

  3. Each Contestant must submit the first draft of their Business Plan to the Business Plan Contest at the Oil Region Alliance office by September 22 to be eligible. The draft Business Plan must be of adequate substance and format. The Committee will review the plans, and up to five business plans will be invited to submit final drafts. All other business plans will be eliminated from the Contest, but each will receive feedback to help strengthen the Business Plan submitted. For those Contestants invited to participate in the final round, the score received in the first round will have no impact on the final score.

  4. Contestants will be notified by September 26 if they are selected as one of the finalists. Finalist must provide a credit report issued no more than thirty days prior to submission by a nationally recognized credit reporting organization in conjunction with their Final Business Plan due by October 16. (NOTE: Credit reports may be obtained once annually free of charge. Please consult www.annualcreditreport.com for further information.) Each Contestant (including each team's members) must authorize the Business Plan Contest to use such credit report, check with credit reporting agencies, credit references, and other sources to investigate credit and other information submitted by Contestant and otherwise for purposes of and in consideration for Contestant's participation in the Business Plan Contest and to release and hold harmless the Business Plan Contest from such use.

  5. Contestants must submit their Final Business Plan to the Oil Region Alliance offices by 5 p.m. October 16 to participate in this year's Contest. The Oil Region Alliance, Committee, and Judges reserve the right not to accept any late entries. Finalists will be required to give an oral presentation of their business plan to the Contest's Judges.

  6. Before the winner(s) of the Contest may receive any monetary and any related awards, assistance or incentives, the winner(s) (including each team member) must agree to the terms and conditions for each such prize and award as specified by the Contest and organizations providing prizes and awards in the Winner's Agreement.

  7. All Business Plans must be the original work of the entering individual or team.

  8. Winners must keep the project for a minimum of 3 years from the date of the cash award.

Contest dates may be modified at the discretion of the Oil Region Alliance with proper notification given.